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The following item are in addition to your lease and /or is explanation of lease paragraphs.  Any violations will result in a fine of $25.00 per occurrence.  


There is a limited amount of parking spaces available.  Residents must park in designated areas only.  All motorcycles must use plywood to protect asphalt.  Parking is not permitted on grass, along roadways, in fire lanes or any other area not designated.  All signs posted with permits, residents agree to follow all restrictions.  Parking is reserved for residents.  All guests must park in parking lots provided.  Any removal of vehicles is done at the owner’s expense.  Parking is limited to passenger vehicles.  No boats, trailers, or storage of vehicles is permitted. 


1.No car repairs are permitted on the property. All vehicles must be fully operable and WITH proper tags. You will be subject to removal of vehicle and any costs incurred. 


2.No trash is to be stored outside of your home. All trash must be disposed of in one of the following ways:

   a. Place trash and debris inside dumpsters.  Do not place trash and /or other objects around
   b. Place all trash in trash cans and place at street on designated day.  Trash cans must be stored in garage  


3. No items are permitted to be stored outside of your home.  All items must be stored inside your home or in garage (if applicable).  Storage of items around air conditioning unit may cause unit to malfunction, which the tenant will be charged for.  Any items being stored outside of your apartment will result in a $25.00 fine.  


4. Do not park in driveways other than your own.  You will be subject to being towed at your expense without notice.  


5. Any and all guests must be accompanied by current resident in order to utilize swimming pool and tennis courts. Resident may bring up to 2 guests at any time.  Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  


6. If applicable, all firewood must be stored inside garage or on patio.  Do NOT place outside on grass.  Violation will result in removal at your expense. 


7. Residents are not permitted to use any outside faucets.  These are reserved for use of management only. Any hoses found will be taken at the expense of the resident.  Any resident in violation of using the faucets will be subject to a $25.00 fine. 


8.Pool rules are posted during open season.  Please abide by them and encourage others to do the same.   Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while in the pool area.  Pools may not be reserved for private parties.  Absolutely no swimming pool use will be permitted outside of posted pool hours. 


9.Window covering of drapes and window blinds are to be of neutral tone backing only.  Other colors will result in removal. All mini-blinds provided must remain up at all times. 


10.If you have not signed the appropriate Pet Addendum, your rental agreement is a non-pet lease.  Should a pet be found on the premises, you will be subject to removal of pet, payment of pet deposit, or eviction. 


11.Please be certain your name AND address appears on any and all checks submitted for rental payment.  We cannot accept or hold post-dated checks. 


12.Wallpapering and/or painting are permitted.  It is the resident’s responsibility to restore their apartment to its original condition.   Any costs incurred by management to return to apartment to its original condition will be passed on as a charge to the resident. 


13.If you have been kind enough to plant flowers, please remove them after the season is over, no later than October 1st. 


14.When the office is closed and an emergency arises, please call the maintenance hotline and press the “emergency” option.  Should a noise problem arise, call the police department.  We cannot solve noise disputes after the fact, and it is best to handle the problem while it is in progress. 


15.Emergencies are as follows, but not limited to: no heat, no hot water, broken pipes, fire damage, flooding, more than one toilet creating flooding, garbage disposal creating flooding. 


16.Maintenance required as a direct result of a resident’s negligence will be billed directly to you and is to be paid within the month the work is completed. 


17.Resident is not permitted to erect signs or fences of any kind around the property or home.  Items found will be removed at the resident’s expense.  No items may be attached to the outside of the building, garages, etc. for any reason. This includes satellite dishes of any kind. 

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